Long Kow Brand Introduction

Long Kow Foods Enterprise Corporation was established in 1949 solely by Mr. Chang, Yang-Ming, who insisted not only on continuous development, but manufacturing quality products that are natural, safe, light and LOHAS segments. As a member of the food industry, we have developed many popular products. We take pride in our most popular product, “Long Kow Bean Vermicelli”. It is well-received and recognized by customers in more than 40 countries around the world.


Long Kow History

In 1941, a young kid named Mr. Yang Ming Chang, decided to start Long Kow Vermicelli during a chaotic and uncertain time. Relying on memory of experiences and strong determination, Long Kow Vermicelli was born. The vermicelli process uses mung bean as raw materials, crushed to strands, boiled with hot water and then frozen in cold, then air dried under the sun. That year, through countless trial and error, Long Kow Vermicelli was introduced to Taipei city.

Long Kow vermicelli is soft in taste and difficult to overcook, and even though it may be a side dish; it complements any main course perfectly.

Mr. C.K. Chang, the 2nd generation of the founder, has the same philosophies and values as his father. They both conduct business with honesty and use natural resources in their products without any chemical additives. With continuous innovation, he develops the business step by step holding true to the core principles. Although Long Kow Vermicelli is an old and successful company, its spirit and direction are innovative to appeal to the modern era.

Long Kow's Signature Products

Long Kow has been in food production in Taiwan for over sixty years. The vermicelli series boasts zero fat, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar. Products have been thoroughly tested and qualify as "low GI foods" and do not contain harmful additives during the manufacturing process. We hope you identify Long Kow as being a health conscious brand!

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